W19-360° adjustable suction cup car mount

W19-360° adjustable suction cup car mount

Short Description:

  • Material: ABS
  • Surface technology: technology grain + silica gel
  • Suitable for: any model
  • Application scenario: windshield, instrument panel
  • Support : 4.5-6.7-inch mobile phone, strong adsorption does not fall
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    1. Suitable for a variety of models 3.5-7 inch mobile phone.The clamp arm can be adjusted flexibly, suitable for3.5-7inch models.Universal for Apple and Android, unlimited use.

    2. 5KG super suction.No fear of bumps and shakes.Nano-coating vacuum negative pressure firmly adsorbs.

    3. Applicable to a variety of scenarios Brackets can be placed anywhere.Unlimited models, unlimited positions, can prevent brackets.Center console: Driving Navigation, Video Calling secure lock.Windshield:silicone pads, Strong adsorption,Glass can also be adsorbed.Table:marble desk wooden material can be adsorbed.

    4. 360°three-dimensional rotation Freer perspective.Built-in universal ball, multi-angle viewing at will,to meet the best viewing angle.

    5. Gravity locking structure Stable double grip.Gravity linkage drives the double-arm clamp to clamp the mobile phone.Form a solid golden triangle structure.

    6. Touch lock One key lock Silicone shock absorber.The phone touches the middle button of the stand,trigger locking silicone protection.Silicone pads,Shock Absorber Do not clip buttons.

    7. Reserved charging port Fully charged at anytime.The charging port is widened and does not block the data cable.The device interface is more suitable.

    8. 360° adjustable suction cup Multifunctional Car Mount.Flexible installation in the center console/dashboard.Waiting for the position, does not affect the driving line of sight.

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